TGIF: Friday the 13th Stem Cell Joke Contest

Friday the 13thI’m in the mood for something lighthearted and funny. Sometimes humor is the best medicine.

So I’ve got a stem cell joke contest for you.

The winner gets a signed copy of my book or a huge thing of cookies, your choice.

The rules?


The joke starts roughly as follows “Three stem cells walk into a bar…”

You finish the joke in a hilarious way, perhaps edgy way.

You email it to me or leave it as a comment.

Anyone is eligible.

The winner is the one who comes up with the funniest/best ending by next Friday, December 20 at Midnight. I’ll publish the winning entry. If more than one person does a great job, I may give out more prizes.

The joke must be original.

Moderate modifications to the beginning are allowed.

For example, you could start it “An adult, embryonic, and induced pluripotent stem cell walked into a bar…” or “A rabbi, a priest, and a stem cell walked into a bar….” or “Three stem cells were injected into the brain of a scientist….”

I’m not likely to pick an X-rated, libelous, or outright offensive joke as the winner, but edginess definitely is a plus.


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  2. Three stem cells walk into a bar wearing face masks.
    The bartender asks:
    “What brings you here?”
    One stem cell says:
    “We do not dare walk into the bank.”

  3. 3 stem cells walk in to a bar outside the US, order the same media and an oligodendrocyte, 4 chondrocytes and a teratoma stumble out…but the doctor doesn’t report it.

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