September 21, 2020

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My lab and I are fortunate that in our Sacramento-Davis area there are relatively few COVID-19 cases, but what kind of COVID-19 risk mitigation plan should one use for a careful lab ramp-up plan? COVID-19 shouldn’t be the “elephant in the lab”, but should be discussed openly. Communication is probably one key to optimal ramp-up. A COVID-19 lab ramp-up plan quick intro While no one-size-fits-all plan is going to work for every lab and institutional guidelines are going to vary (sometimes dramatically), I thought …Read More

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Today I’m posting about pet peeves in the science lab. This is an update to and expansion of a post from many years ago. Who doesn’t have some lab pet peeves? And, yeah, we are all probably guilty at one time or another of driving other people a bit nuts with our own idiosyncrasies that are their pet peeves. This post is another in my “Elephant in the Lab” series about difficult, but important science topics. We need to discuss these, but they are often uncomfortable so …Read More

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I started my series on the sins of scientists last week with a piece called “Failure to Cite”. “Failure to cite” refers to the practice whereby some scientists choose not to cite the papers of their competitors, to make their own seem more novel, or as payback to folks they consider their “enemies”. In today’s second piece in this series I discuss the second deadly sin of science: killing other scientist’s papers or grants as a reviewer for non-scientific reasons. I call it “paper …Read More

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Update in 2020: It was kind of wild to read this post now so many years later as an “old” professor, seemingly ages from the realm of new PIs (principle investigators). What do you think? You can read more about the current state of our lab here. It’s an exciting feeling coming into a new lab as a new professor. An empty lab has so much potential and one can imagine how one’s lab will look in the future. I walked into my lab …Read More