September 28, 2020

The Niche

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The recent publication of two Nature papers by a team in part led by Dr. Charles Vacanti on acid treatment produced stem cells (so-called STAP stem cells) has been a blockbuster story in the stem cell field and has grabbed major global media attention as well. For background my review of the paper here and more thoughts here. Many people understandably want to learn more about STAP stem cells.  For that reason, I invited Charles Vacanti to do an interview on my blog. Dr. Vacanti is Professor of Anaesthesia and head of …Read More

3 min read

I’m getting some heat from some stem cell folks who think I should not have blogged about the Moriguchi iPS cell transplant case. Their argument seems to be it would have been preferable to either (A) not blog about the story at all or only minimally so fewer people would know about it or (B) let professional journalists handle it in a more “measured” manner. I don’t really buy either argument. Let’s go over the timeline. On October 10th, Hisashi Moriguchi reportedly presented his …Read More