September 22, 2020

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Harvard Spokesman reiterates: Moriguchi did not have Harvard IRB approval

Hisashi Moriguchi had a poster up at the NY Stem Cell Meeting yesterday and has done interviews with Japanese media saying that he has led a team that transplanted iPS cells into human patients. Reportedly his poster said and the newspaper articles have stated that the iPS cell transplant work had IRB approval from Harvard Medical Medical School/MGH.

Two papers of his published this year also state that the work done in those publications also had Harvard Med School IRB approval.

I directly asked a Harvard spokesperson about this, who referred me to their earlier statement regarding Moriguchi’s poster and said it also applies to the two 2012 papers and to the IRB issue:

“Hisashi Moriguchi was a visiting fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital from 1999-2000, and has not been associated with MGH or Harvard since that time. No clinical trials related to Dr. Moriguchi’s work have been approved by institutional review boards at either Harvard University or MGH.”

The spokesperson indicated that there is no record of Moriguchi having any kind of IRB approval of any kind at Harvard.

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