January 23, 2021

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6 min read

Today’s post lists the best stem cell blogs and more generally the top biology blogs as well as websites. Making lists of “the best” of anything is fun yet tricky. However, I feel that it can also serve a purpose as a resource. You might also enjoy these other “top” lists I’ve done including List of 50 stem cell influencers on Twitter to follow in 2019, a list of top stem cell journals, and for fun, Elephant in the lab series: top list of science excuses. Blog-o-rama …Read More

2 min read

If you are a true stem cell aficionado, what are the top stem cell websites for you to bookmark and follow on a daily or weekly basis? I wanted to generate a list. So what are my criteria for top 10 stem cell/regenerative medicine websites? It’s got to be regularly updated. It has to be influential. It has to have broad impact including ideally both science and policy. It has to go beyond facts to include opinions and ideas. As important as they may be, …Read More

2 min read

There aren’t that many stem cell blogs out there on the Internet, although the number is growing, and the one that has been around quite a while is called “Repairstemcell” or “The Stem Cell Blog”. Granovsky is a self-proclaimed empowerer of patients and calls himself “the informer”, apparently meaning someone who will guide patients to specific clinics for treatment. He’s a pro-adult stem cell research and anti-ES cell research guy. I can respect that opinion even if that’s not my view. People have different opinions, …Read More