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top ten listIf you are a true stem cell aficionado, what are the top stem cell websites for you to bookmark and follow on a daily or weekly basis? I wanted to generate a list.

So what are my criteria for top 10 stem cell/regenerative medicine websites?

It’s got to be regularly updated. It has to be influential. It has to have broad impact including ideally both science and policy. It has to go beyond facts to include opinions and ideas.

As important as they may be, relatively static websites like the stem cells pages on Mayo Clinic and the NIH don’t have the timeliness and dynamic nature that I want.

So here are the websites in my top 10 in alphabetical order.

*I included this blog in there so hopefully that wasn’t an over the top thing to do.

Other recommended stem cell sites (also check out blog roll in the right tool bar of this website)

  • The Node is great even if it is not entirely stem cell specific.
  • The NYSCF website is very useful and cool.
  • Although it didn’t make my Top 10 since its content is only changed relatively infrequently (which may change), I recommend checking out the new version of ISSCR’s A Closer Look at Stem Cells.
  • A newer site is the blog by msemporda.
  • The Cell Culture Dish is not stem cell specific, but has a lot of good content.

What are your favorite stem cell websites? What would be your top 10? Did I miss any deserving ones?

6 thoughts on “Top stem cell websites”

  1. Hi Paul

    As per the twit I sent when you posted this – thx for the mention(s).

    I tend to use different tools for different tasks & purposes. The content aggregators tend to bulk up on latest items and you still need to filter but they are useful if you’ve missed a few days – lots of them.

    Twitter has the most current publicly promoted content if you follow closely or use Lists to filter what you are looking for. Publications can be filtered this way also.

    A useful resource for me for analysis has been reading SEC and IP docs using company disclosures, USPTO and Espacenet. is good for commented on science topics, which you can follow like a Blog, as is G+ more generally to themes (some good moderators there). Also of course pieces by LinkedIn members on Pulse and Groups.

    Most of your listings are also on my list, except I don’t count in the actual Scientific Publisher sites which you’re right are indeed priority destinations if you’re looking for something or seeing what’s new – there are a number of good resources there, I’d add Stem Cells Portal amongst others. Also Genetic Policy Institute and ARM as a resource should be there.

    Also there are loads of Patient Advocacy sites – some very important as they speak to the issues of most concern to those that are suffering and keep the public informed. I’m meeting one of these volunteer organisations today.

    One could go a lot deeper. An effective communication strategy works on many levels.

    I would say that there are flavors for everyone and no dearth of content out there. Research, opinion, chat, reference, network, community, humor…. etc. I suppose the best of all would be to have a little of everything…

    For those interested my current blog list on Blogger Buzz feed is:

    BioNap, CFA
    Biotech Beat
    Breaking Bio
    California Stem Cell Report
    Empower 2 Go
    Fragments of Truth
    Irv Arons’ Journal
    Investor Stemcell
    Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog. UC Davis School of Medicine
    Latest stem cell and project news
    On Biology
    Patent Docs
    PubNiche: Discover the latest scientific research Feed Posts
    Signals Blog
    Stem Cell Assays
    Stem Cell Podcast
    the Node
    The Stem Cellar
    The Stem Cells Blog
    Topics in Biotechnology | Stephanie Piecewicz


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