January 25, 2021

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top ten listIf you are a true stem cell aficionado, what are the top stem cell websites for you to bookmark and follow on a daily or weekly basis? I wanted to generate a list.

So what are my criteria for top 10 stem cell/regenerative medicine websites?

It’s got to be regularly updated. It has to be influential. It has to have broad impact including ideally both science and policy. It has to go beyond facts to include opinions and ideas.

As important as they may be, relatively static websites like the stem cells pages on Mayo Clinic and the NIH don’t have the timeliness and dynamic nature that I want.

So here are the websites in my top 10 in alphabetical order.

*I included this blog in there so hopefully that wasn’t an over the top thing to do.

Other recommended stem cell sites (also check out blog roll in the right tool bar of this website)

  • The Node is great even if it is not entirely stem cell specific.
  • The NYSCF website is very useful and cool.
  • Although it didn’t make my Top 10 since its content is only changed relatively infrequently (which may change), I recommend checking out the new version of ISSCR’s A Closer Look at Stem Cells.
  • A newer site is the blog by msemporda.
  • The Cell Culture Dish is not stem cell specific, but has a lot of good content.

What are your favorite stem cell websites? What would be your top 10? Did I miss any deserving ones?

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