November 27, 2020

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Month: June 2011

3 min read

In the last week, a number of newspapers in California have run articles or editorials about CIRM, some negative. I think in part this attention was stimulated by the Election of a new Chair at CIRM. The new Chair for CIRM is Dr. Jonathan Thomas, who I am confident will do an outstanding job. On Monday I sat down to breakfast and opened the Sac Bee to find a negative editorial about CIRM that included the phrase “CIRM is in Trouble” and David Jensen …Read More

6 min read

You know how when people give you bad news they ask “Are you sitting down?” Since I’m going to give you some good news in this post, I ask you now as you are reading this, are you standing up? We are constantly bombarded with news stories about what is bad for us. Some of these things are obvious such as smoking and a bacon-only diet, but others fly under the radar. A good example is sitting. There have been a lot of headlines …Read More

2 min read

One of the greatest and most infuriating ironies of the stem cell-based regenerative medicine universe is that while the FDA strictly regulates the progress of therapy development by Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) and Geron and other legitimate companies, at the same time mysteriously the FDA essentially leaves completely unregulated the companies within the U.S. offering stem cell based therapies that are entirely non-scientific and unproven. What this means is that while ACT and Geron do everything by the books and must scientifically and rigorously …Read More

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A week ago Jon Huntsman launched his campaign to be the next President of the United States (POTUS). The rumblings going around is that Huntsman, Obama’s former ambassador to China, is too smart and too normal to get the Republican nomination for POTUS. Huntsman even got an early and unexpected endorsement from Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.  In particular, Reid voiced his preference for Huntsman over Republican frontrunner, Mitt Romney (we profiled Romney’s potential stance on stem cell research if elected POTUS here). Huntsman …Read More