November 27, 2020

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Month: August 2011

2 min read

It was an honor and pleasure yesterday to show my friends, Roman Reed and Keri Kimler, around my stem cell lab here at UC Davis School of Medicine. My lab members got a chance to show Keri and Roman some of the interesting research we have ongoing involving ES cells and human iPS cells, funded by CIRM and NIH. To the left is a picture of us together  (me on the left, then Roman, and then Keri). Keri and Roman are not just friends, …Read More

6 min read

I have in the past posted advice to new faculty and also top 10 advice list for the academic job hunt, but today I wanted to specifically talk about mentoring. Also, stay tuned for a special post later this week with an autobiographical section from Irv Weissman on his early career and who his key mentors were. Back to the topic at hand. What does it mean to be a good mentor? What can trainees learn from mentors and how? The stem cell field …Read More

2 min read

Irv Weissman’s lab came out with a very intriguing paper in Nature this week on regeneration and something called a blastema. It is not exactly on regenerative medicine of the kind we think about using exogenous stem cells, but more about how we might tap into nature’s own program for regeneration by studying other “lower” organisms that make us seem very weak by comparison when we think of regenerative power. In fact many animals have the ability to regenerate parts of their bodies, particularly …Read More

5 min read

I have posted before about publishing trends in the iPS cell field here and in here…. but where do things stand today? Here, I provide an important update. What’s going on now? Here I provide answers to the key questions. How many papers are there on iPS cells? An interesting and unexpected trend for this still early stage in the evolution of the iPS cell field is (as you can see from the figure at left) that the total number of iPS cell papers …Read More