January 26, 2021

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If Rick Perry is Prez what’s impact on stem cell research?

Rick Perry
Former Governor Rick Perry.

We have a running series here on The Niche on the Republican candidates including Rick Perry for the GOP nomination for President for the 2012 Election.

I blogged about Romney here, Huntsman here, and talked about Tex Guv Perry’s own stem cell transplant here. I also discussed the Republican field more generally in my podcast which you can listen to here or on iTunes.

Perry just announced right now that he is running for President.

Now, what if Perry became President? What would happen to science in America and specifically stem cell research?

The Economist just ran a piece on this topic that was quite interesting.

Perry, a recipient of an autologous stem cell transplant during a recent spinal cord procedure, is a big proponent of adult stem cell research and just as passionately opposed to embryonic stem cell research.

If Rick Perry were elected President, I think that stem cell research would suffer in general because he would attempt to divide stem cell research into artificial categories and only fund what he thinks is “ethical” rather than what most American’s think is ethical and what scientists think is both ethical and the most promising.

Perry a strong proponent of the death penalty apparently believes that embryonic stem cell research is killing. See a paradox here? In fact, according to Mother Jones magazine, Guv Perry has a “death penalty  problem” having presided over hundreds of executions, including some where there were legitimate questions about either how the legal case was handled or even the defendant’s innocence. conservative Liberal columnist Molly Ivins from Texas is no fan of Perry as you can see in this column in my local paper the Sac Bee.

Bottom line–if Perry were elected, American science and stem cell research specifically would decline big time. Count on it.

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