6 thoughts on “Biggest Stem Cell News of the Year Poll”

  1. The biggest news is yet to come. Can’t wait for Advanced Cell Technology to announce the results of their trials at the Jules Stein Eye Institute. Could be a serious game-changer….

  2. What about Neuralstem and their stem cell trial. They continue to pass FDA safety requirments, moved to unprecedented cervical injections and even has 1 patient, although currently somewhat of an outlier, that has shown documented improvement as supported by empirical data.

  3. I’m going to vote for the Federal Funding for ESC one. I want to be optimistic, and I hope it heralds good things to come. As for the rest, I hope Geron finds someone to carry on their ESC project (they’ve gotten partners for other stuff they did not continue themselves in the past, or so I hear). I also hope Trouson is right in his analysis about the European Court ruling, and that it’s bad effects in some grounds even out with advantages in others. The Vatican Stem Cell meeting was an interesting tidbit, and had several notable attendants, but for what I hear it wasn’t particularily groundbreaking. As for the celebrities getting clandestine treatments, I hope that none of them has some horrid adverse effect which results in an unjustified backslash on ESC science.

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