Biggest stem cell story of the year poll results are surprising

I recently posted a poll (you can still vote here) asking readers what they thought was the biggest stem cell news story of the year.

Surprisingly, when the poll first went up, almost all the votes went to the Vatican Stem Cell Meeting, but then as we started getting a larger number of votes, things shifted.

Now, the biggest story of the year according to the readers of this blog was Geron’s decision to leave the stem cell field.

In second place was the U.S. Court of Appeals ruling in favor of federal funding of ES cell research, with the Vatican meeting in 3rd.

Interestingly, only 1 person voted for the trend of celebrities such as Rick Perry and sports stars getting unapproved stem cell treatments. I thought more people would think that important.

We had two people indicate their preference for “other” and specify their picks, which I appreciate. One reader said that Neuralstem’s trial was the biggest news. Another said that the biggest news would be still to come in the form of ACT’s announcement of their results at the Jules Stein Eye Institute.