Anti-stem cell activists target Kraft, Campbell’s and Nestle

Alphabet Soup, anti-stem cell activists
Do anti-stem cell activists eat soup?

Anyone getting tired of those anti-stem cell activists folks slamming Pepsi for supposedly using stem cells in their flavor research, when in reality the cells in question are not stem cells?

Maybe the Pepsi-haters are too as they are now reportedly on the case of Kraft and Nestle too as well as Campbell’s, which makes Alphabet Soup amongst many other products.

Where will it end?

Perhaps the haters will start boycotting stores that sell Pepsi and products of Kraft and others?

This story and the extremists behind it are so out of control they have now created a new urban myth that not only are stem cells used in Pepsi’s research on flavorings (as well as that of other companies such as Kraft, Nestle, and Campbell’s), but many of them claim that also the stem cells (which of course are not even stem cells in reality) are actually IN the drinks and food.


Uh, no.

Only exacerbating this further is an Oklahoma bill to outlaw use of fetuses in food. Are there fetuses in any food or drinks being sold in America? No.

I’m still waiting for Rush Limbaugh to stoke this false fire of damnation.

An interesting update and side note in 2020 is that Trump received a COVID-19 treatment that was tested using human fetal cells derived decades ago from an abortion.

3 thoughts on “Anti-stem cell activists target Kraft, Campbell’s and Nestle”

  1. No, inflammatory is when you lead people to think that there are stem cells in food product. That’s inflammatory.

    This is actually based in fact, so it’s “factual”

    If you really think people are bent on destroying human life, you’re right. But they’re not after the fetuses.

    They want those fetuses to grow up, tithe to the church, pat taxes, and either die for their country or breed like rabbits…. so more people can tithe to the church and pay taxes.

    You posted your opinion, and you’re right – you have every right in the world to feel as you do. So do I.

    A fetus is not a person, any more than an omelet is a chicken.

  2. Your information is inflammatory. The problem is the companies are doing business with labs that use stem cells. The myth being perpetrated does lead people to believe that stem cells are being used to create, and whether you are telling the truth or not remains to be seen. In my experience, people who react defensively are generally guilty of the allegations.
    Myth aside, the lab uses stem cells and does stem cell research, which means that I would not be associated with the company that uses your lab because it goes against my personal beliefs, and people have a right to know the truth.
    It has also been proven that cord stem cells and adult stem cells can be just as effective. Using aborted babies and fetus’ is just the easy way out and provides a market to destroy human life.

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