Stem cell surprises on April Fools Day

What would be the most foolish, surprising, fun stem cell headlines on April Fools Day?

1) Family Research Council surprises world by announcing at April 1 press conference that they endorse embryonic stem cell research and arguing that it has great promise. They advocate pursuing both adult and embryonic stem cell research to help the greatest number of real people.

James Sherley
Dr. James Sherley.

2) Yet another new stem cell research journal starts: Hyped Stem Cell Research.

3) Drs. Sherley and Deisher drop their lawsuit against federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, citing the substantial harm to science that it has done and the potential for more problems in the future.

4) Alien stem cells are found in a meteor in J.Lo’s backyard.

5) Adult stem cell clinics announce in open group letter to FDA “Yeah, our products are not really minimally manipulated.“.

6) Dick Cheney’s heart transplant revealed to be done using a heart derived from embryonic stem cells.

7) The Vatican 2012 stem cell conference is back on. Dr. Paul Knoepfler will be a plenary speaker. (Ha).

8 ) Lady Gaga appears on red carpet in dress made entirely of stem cell produced bacon.

9) Mitt Romney flip flops again, supports embryonic stem cell research after Bain buys Advanced Cell Technology.

10) Justin Bieber holds shocking press conference with his clone, Bieber Jr.