Shocker: Romney, Pepsi, Stem Cells, and Death

RomneyIf Mitt Romney, God forbid, were terminally ill suddenly and the only thing that could save him were embryonic stem cells (ESC), would he get the treatment?

Or would he have faith that upon his natural and pure death that abstaining from Pepsi (oops, sorry, stem cells) he would go to the gates of heaven and be admitted?

I think he’d opt for the stem cells. Mitt seems like that kind of guy to me.

I bet he even secretly drinks Pepsi in his closet! Shocker. Some folks of late have been obsessed with the urban myth that there are embryonic stem cells in Pepsi.

If you as an otherwise good person were to die and find yourself at the Pearly Gates, would St. Peter ask:

“Were there stem cells in your Pepsi?”

 Or is it more likely that Pete would ask things such as:

How did you treat average or even poor people during your life?

How did you treat women?

How did you treat your kids?

What did you do to make the world a better place?

How did you treat your dog?

Did you abstain for pursuing money over other more important things?

I wonder how Mr. Romney would fare in such a questioning?