Stem cells on Easter

As  long as I can remember, Easter has been a part of my life and for better or worse there are two things that as a kid symbolized Easter above all else for me.



Someone once told me that chocolate is proof that God exists.

When it comes to eggs, they were omnipresent at Easter throughout my childhood and now as a dad with my three daughters they still are.

Chocolate eggs, hardboiled eggs, plastic eggs, dyed eggs, Easter egg hunts, and so forth.

Why do we have eggs on our minds?

Eggs generally symbolize new life and Spring. For Christians, they symbolize the resurrection of Christ and that resonates on Easter especially.

Now as a scientist, sometimes when I hear the word egg, astonishingly enough I think of the human oocyte. That amazing human egg.

You could call it the ultimate Easter Egg.

I think stem cells are also a fitting symbol for Easter as well with their power to heal and great potential to help people.

So as we all enjoy our Sunday, which here in Davis, CA happens to be a gorgeous spring day, whether we celebrate Easter this weekend or Passover or Spring or whatever else is part of each of our beliefs, I wish you all well and if your or a loved one are in a bad spot with health, I send a little extra hope your way.