Stem Cell Essay Contest: $50 prize & essay is published

stem cell contestWant to win $50 and become a published author?

Enter the Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog Essay Contest.

The challenge?

Write a no more than 500 word, convincing, non-fiction essay on stem cells thinking entirely outside the box.

Otherwise, the angle you take is totally up to you.

Surprise me.

Make me think.

There will be two winners.

Category 1 = age 18 or younger

Category 2 = age 19 or older


The winners will each get two prizes.

1) you will get a $50 iTunes gift card


2) you will have you essay published on this website for 1,000s of the top scientists, patient advocates, grant funders, politicians, and educators in the world interested in stem cells to read. Talk about potentially opening doors and a great thing to put on your resume/CV or college application too.

Rules (read carefully).

Essays over 500 words will not be considered.

References/citations of other papers (if you choose to have any, limit of 5) do not count toward the word limit.

Fictional essays will not be considered.

The sole judge will be me and all decisions final.

No plagiarism.  No personal attacks, no obscenities, and especially no boring essays.

In the event of a tie for any given age category, each of the tied winners for a given age group will get a $25 gift card and both will be published.

With your entry, tell me whether you are in category 1 or 2, otherwise your essay will not be considered. With your essay you must supply a statement indicating your name, your age, your mailing address for the prize, and your email address as well as a statement agreeing to have your essay published on this website. Essays lacking this info or statement will not be considered.

Deadline. June 30, 2012. No exceptions.

Entries must be emailed to me at:

Only one entry per person (those sending more will be disqualified).

No members of the Knoepfler Lab are eligible of course.