Results of ‘if Romney were a cell’ poll: not good news for him

Romney Poll
I put up a funny poll a few days ago asking if Mitt Romney were a type of cell, what type would he be.

I gave 4 possible somewhat negative answers (trying to be humorous) and 3 possible positive answers.

The results of the poll are above.

The first striking thing is just how much readers of this blog do not like Romney. Only 6% chose a positive answer (all saying a brain cell, meaning “smart”).

That means 94% of the respondents chose a negative answer. Wow.

Of the negative answers, the most popular was iPS cell indicating he has been “reprogrammed”.

Tied for second were pluripotent stem cell (meaning he’s basically an etch-a-sketch shape shifter dude) and surprisingly, a cancer cell.

Finally, 9% choose a neuron because he’s good at “firing”.

In all fairness, I guess I should do a similar poll on Obama and I will in the coming week.