Building stem cell bridges to the great state of Texas

I like Texas.

It is one of my favorite states.

Over the last few years I’ve made many friends down in Texas. I also had the pleasure of having a meeting with your Governor, Rick Perry, about future stem cell policy. I’m hoping to meet with him again.

Dallas Cowboys, Paul t-shirt, Texas
Dallas Cowboys t-shirt from Paul’s friends in Texas.

I’m planning to visit your great state in a few months for a meeting and I’m excited.

One of my goals of this blog is building what I call stem cell bridges and one that I want most to build is a bridge between California and Texas.

Not a literal bridge, but rather a bridge formed of personal connections and collaborative efforts including research. It is thus fitting that the word “Texas” means “friends” or “allies” and the state motto is “Friendship”.

My family history has deep ties there.

You see my parents met in Texas in 1958.

My dad was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas about 100 miles west of Dallas.

My mom was working for the Red Cross there and that’s how they met. She also worked at station KTRN in Wichita Falls writing ad copy.

So you could say without Texas, I wouldn’t exist.

I’ve always been a football fan even as a kid and my favorite team (other than my hometown Seahawks) were the Dallas Cowboys (see me above). One of my heroes was Roger Staubach. Talk about a superstar!

Today Texas is a superstar in scientific research, especially biomedical research so I have yet another reason to like that state.

I suspect that over the coming years, you’ll be hearing more out of me about Texas. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Building stem cell bridges to the great state of Texas”

  1. Paul,

    Sweet post. I am actively searching for the perfect “Don’t Mess With Texas” shirt to add to your growing collection (made in the USA of course).
    We all look forward to your presentation in Austin.

    “Building stem cell bridges: regeneration from the lab to the patient”

    No doubt those bridges will be completed and many, many people will share in the benefits. Thank you Paul~

  2. As a Texas (Yankee) , let me be the first to welcome you as an Ambassador of Good Will & Stem Cell Research. Paul it’s great to read your blog and I look forward to your October trip to Austin. I now know where you’ve inherited the mighty pen from! Good Story telling.

  3. Paul, thank you for your kind words about Texas. I hope we can work together on a collaborative stem cell research project. California and Texas have much in common including great sc scientists. Certainly we should pool resources and address what we can. I am looking forward to your presentation in Austin.

    Oh yes, I see a Texas Longhorn shirt in your future!

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