Celltex SEC filing reveals smart moves & strategy for a path forward

Dr. Leigh Turner, who always seems ahead of the curve on breaking news regarding Celltex, reported today that Celltex has filed a Form D with the SEC.

This filing by Celltex points toward some strategies moving forward for the company and in my opinion shows some very smart moves.

Amongst these actions include hiring new personnel very recently: legal counsel, Andrea Ferrenz, and Jonathan Cisneros as a new QA manager.

These moves seem fairly obviously intended to help the company deal with the FDA on multiple levels, addressing compliance issues from the 483 form and perhaps engaging the FDA moving foward.

Also, Celltex raised an astonishing $34 million in an equity sale. Holy cow!

Update: It’s unclear if this sale is a brand new one or reflects all the investments to date for Celltex. Anyone know?

The million-dollar question would seem to be what will be the FDA’s next move?

I hope to have more to tell you very soon….stay tuned!