FDA finally bans poison and carcinogen BPA from baby products

We live in an ever increasing plasticized world.

There are many good things about plastic, but then there are also some very bad things such as the giant whirpools of plastic fragments out in the oceans that are larger than Texas and also some of the chemicals in plastics are dangerous.

One particular chemical villain is a nasty called BPA. I’ve blogged before about just how freakin’ scary a molecule that BPA is and how you should keep it “away from your stem cells!”

Why is BPA so bad? It has many bad attributes including causing cancer and disrupting human health through its hormone-like actions, which science suggests are particularly dangerous for children and babies. Paradoxically, BPA is a nonetheless a favorite chemical that manufacturers include in baby products.

After many years, really too long a period based on the science, today the FDA finally banned BPA from baby products. Hallelujah!