A tribute to UC Davis Professor, Simon Chan

Yesterday, UC Davis Professor, Simon Chan, passed away.Simon Chan

You can read more about Simon and the touching comments of many friends and colleagues of his here.

When I heard the news, I felt like my heart stopped and I couldn’t breathe for a moment.

How was this possible? It seems unreal.

Ever since that moment I’ve felt a deep sadness.

Simon was a truly exceptional person on so many levels to so many people.

In my mind, Simon literally embodied what is so good about science. Every time I was on a committee with Simon or shared a meal, Simon’s positive and generous nature seemed to emanate from him. I’ve never met anyone like that before who made the people around him feel better and be better scientists.

I can’t imagine never seeing that smile again.

The energy, the creativity, the brightness, and generosity of spirit.

The sense of humor.

His amazing ability to connect with and teach students. His kindness.

One thing that particularly sticks in my mind in addition to his smile is his characteristic nodding in agreement and supportiveness as a student did their QE presentation or at seminars.

I will miss you, Simon.

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  1. I can not believe that this happened! The last time I saw Simon was at Melbourne early this year, and he gave a very interesting presentation during the meeting. I remembered his smile and confidence etc.

    I am very very sad hearing about this from my friend Jianping. This is a big loss for our community. Simon is an excellent researcher. He did great contribution in science.

    I will miss you, SImon. Have a good stay in the heaven.

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