Funny Mitt Romney as Game Show Host Poll: which show would be his?

I watched Mitt Romney on Meet The Press a bit on Sunday morning. I’ve of course seen him other times interviewed on TV.

I keep thinking to myself “Who is the real Mitt Romney?”

The Price Is RightOne thought was that he reminded me of a game show host! Somehow that fits.

Then I thought of the game shows I remember from TV and which show would best fit Mitt?

I came up with the poll above. Please vote. The strange thing is that for me I can see Mitt being the host of all those shows and them fitting him well…..or at least symbolizing him or his campaign.

To Tell the Truth. Which is the real Mitt Romney?

Minute to Win it. Time is running out on Romney’s chances to win the election with Obama now ahead by about 5% in many polls.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, for Romney we might have to change this to billionaire.

Family Feud. Not so much the feud part, but the show be so focused on polling and trying to find the “right” answer that other people want Mitt to say.

Name that Tune. We could call it “Name that Mitt”. Which Mitt is going to show up? The “extremely” conservative dude? The liberal Mass Guv? Some hybrid? He sure seems to sing a lot of different tunes on the campaign trail.

Are you smarter than a fifth grader? I honestly think Mitt is extremely smart, but not so much his campaign advisors or his campaign more generally. The Etch-a-Sketch moment makes me think of this game show too.

Let’s Make a Deal. Well, poor Mitt seems to have a deal with so many ultra-conservative right wingers that his head is spinning.

The Price is Right. If I spend enough money, can I win?

Should I have included Jeopardy?