iPS cell transplant fraud Moriguchi fired by University of Tokyo

Hisashi Moriguchi, the fellow who made up the story of having transplanted iPS cells into human patients and then later admitted that he had lied, has been fired by the University of Tokyo according to a statement (here in Japanese) from the university.

An admittedly fairly weak translation to English by Google is the following:

Press release list

Publication of disciplinary action

October 19, Heisei 24

Adjunct Researcher, University Hospital for Hisashi Moriguchi, dated October 19, the University of Tokyo, we conducted a disciplinary action disciplinary dismissal.

Researcher Adjunct same, but made ​​the announcement and was conducted in six patients surgery to transplant in heart failure patients with severe heart muscle cells made ​​from cells iPS, about 5 and it was a false announcement of which at least .

Because it corresponds to the “If you hurt significantly the credibility or reputation of university corporations” as defined in Item 5, Article 38 of the rules of employment, the act of researcher Adjunct same, of punitive dismissal as defined in Item 6 of Article 39 of Regulation it is made ​​for the disciplinary action.

Is an act unworthy of the faculty of the University have been, we have strict measures. Members of the university that has made this practice are under extremely regrettable.

An investigation into the relationship to continue academic research is done, it is willing to promptly, we will reveal the facts as much as possible.

Tokyo director Fumio 田 iso (in charge of human resources)