Q & A with Celltex on lawsuits between it and RNL Bio/Biostar: part 1

I’ve asked Celltex a few questions about the lawsuits between it and RNL Bio/Biostar.  I appreciate their willingness to engage on this. Note, I’m also hoping to obtain contact information for RNL Bio/Biostar to ask them some questions too.

Below are my questions and the Celltex answers, hopefully part 1 of 2 parts with the 2nd coming in a few days.

1. Any insight into why they are demanding the firing and Celltex aid in deportation of Park? 

Park was an employee of RNL and Human Biostar and they believe that if Celltex fires him, and he is deported, that he would return to working for RNL in Korea. The licensing agreement between Celltex and RNL does not prohibit the employment of any employee of one by the other company should an employee decide to switch employment. In the spring when Celltex began interviewing for laboratory employees for what was supposed to have been the transition of the lab to Celltex operations, which never took place, Park approached us and asked to interview as our lab manager. He had previously lived and worked in Maryland for RNL/Human Biostar, then was moved back to Korea, then assigned to the lab in Texas in the early spring of 2012. He wanted to stay in the US and raise his children here. After interviewing him, getting to know him over the spring and summer, then helping him with his immigration status, Celltex offered him the position at the end of September which he accepted.

2. Does Celltex allege this is an attempt at extortion (there is a sentence in the Celltex as plaintiff lawsuit filing that describes it that way)?

The facts speak for themselves. Celltex is prepared to show the court the evidence, specifically correspondence from Human Biostar and RNL, that support its claims.

3. Might there be a ruling and temp. injunction as early as this week? 

Celltex is working to gain custody as soon as possible. Exactly when that will be depends on the court’s schedule.