Stem cell blog of the year 2012: by Alexey Bersenev

Stem cell blogs make a big contribution to the stem cell world.

Which is the best? It’s a tough choice.

This year my pick is by Alexey Bersenev as 2012 Stem Cell Blog of the Year. You can also follow Alexey on Twitter here. Congrats to Alexey.

Alexey’s blog consistently is outstanding in that it educates, provides resources, and includes opinions. The last part is crucial in my opinion for a true blog.

I consider Alexey’s blog a must read for those interested in stem cells, particularly in the clinical applications.

Other notable stem cell blogs include: Excellent CIRM research blog. Used to be just by my buddy Amy Adams, but also now more contributors.  Don C. Reed’s blog, but also I consider his great blogging on Huffington Post as part of his social media contribution. David Jensen’s valuable blog. Excellent one from the Stem Cell Network out of Canada. by Leigh Turner. by Lee Buckler by Doug Sipp

Did I miss some? Let me know in the comments and I may add to the list above.

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  1. A great and well-deserved pick for best blog. We’re happy to be in company with those who push us to do better.

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