Stem cell biotech of the year 2012: Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC)

For the second year in a row (see awards 2011), Advanced Cell Technology (ACT; stock symbol ACTC) is my stem cell biotech of the year.

Their trials for different forms of macular degeneration (here and here and here) are progressing well and as a stem cell scientist I really appreciate the fact they are publishing their data as they go (see their Lancet article here).

They are exploring the use of iPS cells for production of platelets as well, which is a very exciting possible product for a number of future therapeutic approaches.

They also have other products in the works that seem promising.

Their scientific leadership is impressive as well.

Alexey awarded his company of the year prize to NeuralStem, another interesting stem cell company.

Disclosure: I do not own ACTC stock or to my knowledge have any financial interest in it or any other stem cell biotech.

4 thoughts on “Stem cell biotech of the year 2012: Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC)”

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  2. Do you think the Supreme Court taking a pass on Sherley v. Sebelius will have an effect on the NIH redefinition and Advanced Cell Technology’s pending lines?

    1. I think it could as the mantra I’ve been hearing is that from an administration perspective everything related to ES cells in any way from a federal perspective is “on hold” until the S v S case is resolved.
      Conversely, should the Supreme Court unexpectedly take up the S v S case, then I think that spells a prolonged period of uncertainty.

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