My ‘back of napkin” list of top action items for cancer stem cell field

Cancer stem cellsRecently I spoke about cancer stem cells at a retreat. The presentation style was informal and enjoyable as it allowed for people to talk frankly about topics. It encouraged questions and outside-the-box thinking.

As I was eating some yogurt at breakfast at the meeting awaiting my turn to speak, I decided I would scrawl my top 3 issues for the cancer stem cell field. I couldn’t do it on a back of a napkin since I didn’t have one, so I did it on hotel stationary that was sitting there. As you can see from the image above, my list turned out to be very long. I ended with the question “Do they exist?” below “>1,000 papers” as this is a very hot field.

I think they do exist, but perhaps not in every single tumor.

What do you think?