How baldness can cure kid’s cancer: find out & please help!

St. Baldrick'sHi everyone,

St. Baldrick’s is the top children’s cancer foundation and does amazing work for kids with cancer and their families.

Their top fundraising event is a head-shaving program where people make pledges in support of a “shavee” who gets their head shaved in solidarity with kids with cancer who often lose their hair due to treatment.

I’ve formed a St. Baldrick’s UC Davis School of Medicine fundraising team and I’m also a shavee myself this year.

I did it last year too and was surprised I didn’t look too bad with a totally bald head.

As a cancer survivor myself, I feel very strongly about this amazing organization. They have also supported pediatric cancer research ongoing in my lab on cancer stem cells.

Please consider pledging a donation here by sponsoring me as I get my head shaved. Every donation helps!

Thank you,