December 1, 2020

The Niche

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iPS cells top poll as most clinically promising pluripotent stem cells

Pluripotent stem cell pollI just closed my blog’s poll on what are the most clinically promising pluripotent stem cells.

Why close the poll now less than 12 hours after I opened it instead of leaving the poll open longer?

You’ll find out soon enough. I can’t resist teasing you readers sometimes.

iPS cells were the big winners in the poll at 48%.

Allogeneic human ES cells were 2nd at 28%. In contrast, not a single person voted for SCNT-derived human ES cells.

Adult pluripotent stem cells finished 3rd at 20%. I found this surprising.

4% said “other”….not sure what “other” pluripotent stem cells exist.

I predict if (when) I repeat this poll soon, we’ll see a very different picture.

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