Sanford-Burnham: We are Not Collaborating with Stemáge Stem Cell Cream

Kathy Ireland stem cells Stemáge

A new stem cell cosmetic cream, Stemáge, being pitched by former super model Kathy Ireland in YouTube commercials has made a number of claims.

They have also used suggestive language that they (or their apparently affiliated company Scharp Technologies) were collaborating with what is, in my opinion, one of the best research institutions in the world: Sanford-Burnham.

I have now got an official response from Sanford-Burnham regarding the company selling Stemáge stem cell anti-aging.

I heard from Deborah Robison, VP of Communications as follows:

“Sanford-Burnham is not collaborating with Stemage, has no relationship with the company, and has no involvement with the product or any commercial aspects.  The verbiage on the Stemage website was not approved by Sanford-Burnham.  Sanford-Burnham provides no endorsements with regard to commercial products.

Sanford-Burnham has a corporate sponsored research agreement with Sharp Technologies, Inc.; through the agreement Sharp Technologies provided stem cell material to the Institute and information regarding the biology of the stem cell activity is being shared with Sharp Technologies.”

I am attempting to find a way to contact Stemáge and Scharp Technologies for comment.