Gibco Gets its Geek on With Funny Stem Cell Promo Video

Life Technologies makes all kind of great stem cell stuff. They are a sponsor on this website and they are very excited about stem cell technology.

Gibco stem cell video take 1

Life’s media brand, Gibco, has a hilarious new video out on YouTube on stem cells and media (the image right below here is a live video link–just click on it to view the video).

The video stars a cartoon personified stem cell character, named, well, Stem Cell.

The video gets really funny in a geeky way as it parodies all kinds of pop culture “media” including advertising and movies including Lord of the Rings.

The video also parodies the ridiculous “most interesting man in the world” Dos Equis beer commercials and the Fonz from Happy Days.

Gibco stem video Take 2

I find videos on stem cells to be really interesting, even if they are ads as in this case.

Clearly some people put a lot of work and creativity into this video. It shows by how awesome it turned out. I wish I saw more stem cell sciency videos that were this funny, creative, and captivating.

Disclosure: I’m not getting paid for this blog post. It’s not a sponsored post.

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    1. Sorry, I should have been clearer–the middle picture in the blog post is actually a live video link. Just click on it. The one that is B&W.

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