Stem cell meetings & conferences for 2014

It’s only September 2013, but already stem cell aficionados are thinking ahead to 2014.

What meetings should you go to?

I have already started my new page for 2014 Stem Cell Meetings & Conferences.

stem cell meetings 2014

Check it out and start making plans. I already see several I am going to go to in 2014 and it’s still September 2013, but you need to plan ahead.

Also if you are running a meeting or know of a good one in 2014 not already on the list please let me know and I’ll include it.

As always for these meeting lists, I’m being all-inclusive and trying to include all stem cell-related meetings regardless of their agendas, etc. Thus, my listing a meeting is not an endorsement.

My goal is to have the most comprehensive list of stem cell meetings on the web.



2 thoughts on “Stem cell meetings & conferences for 2014”

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  2. As an emphysema patient and one to really benefit from this research, I look forward to seeing progress in stem cells studies.

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