2014 Stem Cell Blog Teasers

This past year of 2013 was a wild one for stem cells.

2014 looks to be just as cool and fun as 2013 as well as having at least as many freaky moments.

What’s in store?

stem cell preview

Here’s your preview to whet your appetite for stem cell info, much you cannot get elsewhere including unique blog series.

I can’t spill all the beans, but I’m working on some stories already that I hope will be reader favorites in various ways.

Two series in 2014 in particular could shake things up.

First, I’ll be posting a frank interview with someone who was an insider working at a stem cell clinic. S/he has some rather startling things to say.

Second, I have a candid interview with a patient who received a stem cell intervention and feels s/he was taken advantage of and harmed.

I’ll have more new interviews with top players and leaders in the stem cell field. See my collection of stem cell leader interviews here–the best on the web! I’ll be talking with top players in the stem cell field including some who just in general almost never give interviews just like I talked extensively for the blog with Joanne Kurtzberg in 2013.

I’m also going to post some frank open letters to organizations and companies in the field. I think these posts will stir a lot of discussion and hopefully some changes. These are risky for me to do for various reasons, but I hope they have the potential to shake things up.