Surprising Poll Results on Stem Cell Blog Readership

Who reads this blog?

I recently did a poll that allows readers of this blog to self-identify themselves in terms of who they are. I included 20 categories and someone picked all of them at least once.

I was happy to get more than 220 responses and the results were quite surprising to me in a number of ways. Stay tuned for more metrics on this blog from 2013 including the countries visitors to the blog, which is looking really interesting.

Back to the readership poll, I was not surprised to see that academic stem cell researchers came in as the top response at just over 20%, but I found it striking that nearly tied for second were “Science Writer/Reporter” and “Industry Stem Cell Scientist” in second and third respectively. I think that’s great news that they find the blog an important resource.

Blog Reader Poll

I also was surprised to find coming in next not far behind in 4th place was “Governmental Official, Law Enforcement, Regulator”.

Rounding out the top five was “Academic Other Scientist”. I’m happy to see that as I’m intentionally trying to include topics not strictly focused on stem cells alone.

I was pleased to see “Student” come in next in the poll.

I was surprised that the number of patients or patient family members wasn’t higher because of the number of phone calls and emails I get from them.

All in all I think I am very fortunate to have such a great, diverse readership.

I hope in 2014 you all will continue the trend I saw in 2013 of commenting on blog pieces more and more often.