Talking STAP stem cells & more on cool ‘The Stem Cell Podcast’

Want to hear the latest on stem cells?Check out this awesome stem cell podcast series by Drs. Christopher Fasano and Yosif Ganat. These guys deserve some kind of award for this effort.


You can listen to their interview with me posted yesterday where we dish on STAP stem cells, blogging, and more including two crazy stories I have to tell.

You can also listen to The Stem Cell Podcast on iTunes.

This is about the best new (or at least relatively new) thing in the stem cell field from an education and outreach level recently. I tried podcasting on stem cells a few years back but just didn’t find a way to keep doing it. It’s a lot of work and these guys do an exceptional job.

It’s also just a great listen and often quite funny. I highly recommend it.

Other recent guests on The Stem Cell Podcast including Sean Morrison, Mark Tomishima, and Sally Temple. The list goes on and on.

Bookmark it!