Do You Believe in STAP Stem Cells: Week 6 Poll

stap cells


  1. Hi Paul,

    I may have missed something in your posts, since I don’t check them regularly, but have you seen the following Wall Street Journal article concerning the published STAP papers?

    It may be beneficial to keep an eye on this. So far, no one has reported replicating the data and photos that were published are in question as well.

  2. Science has a natural cycle that will either validate these findings over time or determine that they are not fraudulent. Your crusade isn’t necessary.

    • The “natural cycle” of science can take years to sort out whether something has deep problems and educate the field. Frankly, in a case with massive implications such as this one that’s far too long. Millions of dollars of resources could be wasted and trainees’ careers damaged by working on the assumption that this stuff is entirely correct.
      There’s no crusade here that I am aware of. Rather, this is all about facilitating dialogue, data exchange, and educational outreach as well as advocating for the good stuff in the stem cell field.

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