What are important, recent stem cell good news stories?

Jeanne Loring
Jeanne Loring.

Sometimes there is so much craziness and outright bad stuff going on out there around the world related to stem cells that we can lose sight of all the good news and encouraging developments as well.

I think the new paper (Chen, et al.) from a team led by Drs. Lane and Loring is good news.

I haven’t had time to fully read it yet, but it reports some encouraging results whereby human neural progenitors injected into the spine of mice with an experimental MS-like condition stimulated great clinical improvement.

The cells seemed to reduce inflammation although they did not appear to engraft.

What do you see as the most promising positive developments on stem cells lately?

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5 thoughts on “What are important, recent stem cell good news stories?”

  1. Hi Paul,

    There has been a lot of papers on stem cell field this year but I want you all to have look at one of a very basic paper (of course mine) on cancer stem cells (CSC), published in May 2014 in Nature’s Oncogene, in a relatively rare type of paediatric T-cell lymphoma which once relapses, gives a really hard time to kids. We, at Cambridge, identified for the first time this small population of stem cells in this rare but aggressive kind of lymphoma. the most interesting point here to note is, Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) is considered a mature malignancy and a cancer stem cell in a mature malignancy gives us indication that generation of CSC is a multi-step process identified in this study using GSEA. Please have a look at it and comments would be appreciated.


    Thank you

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