Stem Cell Person of the Year 2014 Award: Your Top Candidate?

Who should win the 2014 Stem Cell Person of the Year Award? Who has been the single most important, influential person in the world of stem cells this year? Who has made the biggest positive contribution in 2014?

stem cell person of the year 2014
Stem Cell Person of the Year Award.

On Monday, October 1, I will start taking formal nominations for the Stem Cell Person of the Year Award for 2014. This will be the third year of the award.

Who’s your top candidate on your mind now? It’s time to start brainstorming. Post your ideas in the comments or email me.

Past winners received recognition for their outstanding contributions and a $1,000 cash prize.

Last year, the winner was Dr. Elena Cattaneo. I named her Stem Cell Person of the Year 2013 due to her courageous work on behalf of the goal of making the stem cell arena safer for patients and for protecting the reputation of the international stem cell field. In 2012, amazing patient advocate Roman Reed won the award because of his remarkably effective work advancing the cause of the stem cell field.

Who will win in 2014?

When the nominations open on Oct. 1 I will have a surprising announcement about this year’s award.

4 thoughts on “Stem Cell Person of the Year 2014 Award: Your Top Candidate?”

  1. Dear Richard

    I get the impression you have lot of money – you could preserve cord blood and now you are planning to store stem cells from milk teeth. According to me none of these will be of any use when your baby will grow up – these cells will be insufficient in numbers … for use in an adult.

    But if there is any genetic problem in the family – then it is all together a different matter.

    But this is my opinion and open to suggestions

  2. very interesting question, I am interested in this topic, too. Please give us an answer if we should store a milk tooth.

  3. Dear Professor Knoepfler,
    with great interest I read your AMA on Reddit. I was thrilled of it and I have an additional question and would be very happy, if you will answer me the following question.

    I already stored the cord blood of my child and now I am thinking about storing a milk tooth respectively the stem cells from a tooth.

    Would you advise me this to do?

    Until now I thought the stem cell from the cord blood are the best, because they are the youngest stem cells of the body.

    On your AMA I read a comment of bopplegurp, who wrote that the stem cells of the cord blood only have the capacity to regenerate a very limited amount of cell types and so they could never regenerate organs like a liver.

    Is this true?

    Have the stem cells from the teeth a bigger potential to regenerate some day parts/organs from the body?
    And would you advise to store milk teeth?

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