Berkeley SSSCR Stem Cell Conference Oct. 4: Culturing a Stem Cell Community

By Mansee Desai

UC Berkeley’s Student Society for Stem Cell Research (SSSCR) is proud to present its 2nd Annual Stem Cell Conference: “Culturing a Stem Cell Community” on Saturday October 4th from 10AM-5PM at the university’s Li Ka Shing Center. Building upon the success of last year’s conference, this year’s event features an internationally renowned line-up of speakers, a “Meet the Experts” luncheon, and a poster session.

We have some great speakers including Judith Campisi, Arnold Kriegstein, David Schaffer, Irina Conboy, Danica Chen, Allan Wu, Anne Holden, Kevin Healy, and Judy Roberson.

This conference represents SSSCR’s effort to cultivate a cohesive stem cell community that includes professionals, patient advocates, and students of science. We aim to present the latest research and clinical developments in this burgeoning and multifaceted field and to generate public discussion on the critical roles policy and advocacy play in advancing stem cell science.

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We look forward to seeing you there.

UC Berkeley SSSCR

About SSSCR. The Student Society for Stem Cell Research, founded in 2003, is a U.S. based international network dedicated to advancing scientific research for cures. SSSCR has a network spanning over 3,500 members and has started over 35 university- based chapters. SSSCR is a member organization of the Stem Cell Action Coalition and the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine.