Map Shows Geographic Surprises in Votes for Stem Cell Person of the Year Award

Stem Cell Person of the Year Award map

With over 4,000 votes cast to select our top 12 finalists for the 2014 Stem Cell Person of the Year Award from more than 50 different countries, how did the votes from various countries play out?

You can see on the map above the top vote getter(s) from the countries that cast the most votes. The more votes overall that a country cast, the dark green it is shown.

In cases where voting was similar amongst several candidates I listed more than one candidate.

For Central Europe, the Pope won out in several countries. Notably, Parmar got the most votes in Northern Europe, the UK, Canada, Australia and Italy. Takahashi got the most votes in Spain. Fasano led in the US, closely followed by Lanza, who was also amongst the top vote getters in votes cast from Canada. Harada led in Brazil. William and DeGette in India. Blogger JuuichiJigen and Endo in Japan.