Hottest Science Articles of 2014 in a Word Cloud

Altmetrics a relatively new way of ranking scientific articles based on metrics that include social media impact.

The company Altmetric came out with their Top 100 articles for 2014, which is a fun list to check out.  A quicker way to get the gestalt of them collectively is from a word cloud (above) made from the title words from their Top 50 science articles.

Top science articles word cloud

What do you think would be the top words?

The top 3 turned out to be: Social, Ebola, and Virus.

Followed by the next group consisting of the following: Cells, Disease, Mortality, Evidence.

Then there were a bunch of article title words tied following that including some hot-button ones such as genome, sequence, networks, death, rocks, and even pluripotency.

It’s funny how the word cloud tool randomly put in proximity some words that when placed next to each other have some new implied meaning together such as “Networks cohort rocks death time” and “Human research complete”.

Note that the tool Worditout was used.