Funny Science Idioms

Bunsen BurnerIdioms are helpful expressions.

It seems many common idioms can be co-opted to apply to science and others can be taken almost literally with no change but funny implications for scientists.

Please post your spins on science idioms here as comments or on Twitter with the #scienceidioms hashtag.

There’s a madness to your methods section

Grant someone no quarter of a million dollars

Burning the midnight Bunsen

We are up to our eyeballs in eyeballs

It is rocket science

As easy as Pi

Cry over spilt antibody in buffer with 1% dry milk

Look under the hood (I dropped my tube down there)

You can lead a course to knowledge, but you can’t make them think

Off your rocker

Smell a rat (no, really, you gotta change that cage)

A ChIP on your tube holder

Take funding for granted