Reflecting on the wild week that was

Early_Egyptian_juggling_artThis was a crazy week for me.

I’m mostly taking today off, meaning “only” working a few hours on a Sunday.

I submitted an R01 application on Tuesday. This is a huge grant application that is a major undertaking to write and put together. Getting it out the door this week was a big relief. Fingers crossed on this one.

I’m also in the process of reviewing a bunch of grants myself as well as writing some papers and made some good head way on those areas this past week.

The lab made some jumps forward on some projects so that’s great and I always find that that energizes me. What a great team I have.

What else happened?

I butted heads with Keith Olbermann over the stem cell “miracle” for Gordie Howe.

I wrote again about my opinion on the debate over so-called mitochondrial transfer/3-parent IVF”. In so doing, I found myself on the opposite side of a slew of big wig scientists including 5 Nobel Laureates. Apparently my name came up in the UK Parliament on this…some of them are not particularly happy with me. By way of disclosure, most of the readers of this blog also seemed more positive about this emerging technology in a poll I did than I am.

This week I felt a bit like a juggler with many objects in the air (picture from Wikipedia).

Still a lot got done, I learned a bunch of new things, and I connected with some new, very cool people.

How was your week?

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  1. I’ll be at the stem cell ethics symposium at UC-Davis! 🙂 So… I’ve been packing for that, I guess. I’m coming from Portland with my sister, and I’m really looking forward to it. I never would have found out about it without this blog– so thanks, Paul!

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