3rd Annual Berkeley SSSCR Stem Cell Conference Oct. 17: Culturing a Stem Cell Community

By Student Society for Stem Cell Research at Berkeley

UC Berkeley’s Student Society for Stem Cell Research (SSSCR) is proud to present its 3rd Annual Stem Cell Conference: “Culturing a Stem Cell Community” on Saturday October 17th from 9AM-5PM at the Li Ka Shing Center on the Berkeley Campus.

This single-day Bay Area event is open to the public and geared towards all interested in the latest advances in stem cell research and regenerative medicine, including professionals, students, general public, and patient advocates. The program features a keynote address from internationally renowned scientist Dr. Irv Weissman, a networking lunch, and poster session. The theme behind this year’s “Culturing a Stem Cell Community” is progress in translational medicine where speakers will discuss topics such as genomics, bioengineering, cellular tracking, patent law, and advocacy.SSSCR Conference- flyer- digital

The Annual Culturing a Stem Cell Community conference is the largest student organized event promoting community education of stem cell research. The aim behind Culturing a Stem Cell Community is to create a forum for the diverse groups that are required to advance the field and to increase the stem cell community’s appreciation of our role in educating the public on regenerative medicine.

“It is awe-inspiring to see students take such initiative to educate the public, interact with patients, and present their vision for the field of regenerative medicine,” says Marion Riggs, Founder of SSSCR-International.

“We are thrilled by the level of community support that we have received to hold our 3rd Annual Berkeley Stem Conference and are looking forward to helping report back to the public on the clinical progress of stem cell research. Funds from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine have led to 26 clinical trials with 3 more trials planned in the next 6 months,” says Umeet Sajjan, Cal-SSSCR Chapter President.

The list of speakers are: Irv Weissman, Shyni Varghese, Antoinette F. Konski, Patrick Goodwill, Fyodor Urnov, Laurel Barchas, Don Gibbons, Shyam Patel, Mark Walters, and Mary Bass.

We are appreciative of the supporting organizations and corporate sponsors that have helped make this conference possible.

Supporting Organizations:

  • Americans for Cures
  • Berkeley Stem Cell Center
  • California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  • Genetics Policy Institute
  • Regenerative Medicine Foundation
  • Student Society for Stem Cell Research

Corporate Sponsors:

  • Genetica DNA Laboratories| LabCorp Brand
  • PeproTech, Inc.
  • Primorigen Biosciences
  • StemCells, Inc.

General Admission is $7 and you can register online.

For more information on the conference, visit the conference website.

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About SSSCR.

The Student Society for Stem Cell Research, founded in 2003, is a U.S. based international network dedicated to advancing scientific research for cures. SSSCR has a network spanning over 5,000 members and has started over 35 university-based chapters. SSSCR is a member organization of the Stem Cell Action Coalition and the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine.