28 thoughts on “Vote for Stem Cell Person of the Year 2015 Finalists”

  1. I think next year you should divide between stem cell physicians, who treat people, and stem cell scientists, who do the research. One of the best stem cell physicians is Chris Centeno, he has done so much for stem cell treatments in the orthopedics. I think he should get much more votes.

  2. @admin

    Hello! Just a question. What does “choose the to finalists” mean? Did you mean “two”?

  3. @Admin

    Thank you very much for your detailed explanation! It really helps a lot. I will look for resources that can help translating Uyghur to English and will let you know. I am pleased to know that you could still include the Uyghur version on the SCOPE page. Many thanks. 🙂


  4. @Admin,
    I was very disappointed when you took Dr. Mitalipov off of the list few days ago and I know the reason now. I am pleased to see him back in the list and I am voting for him everyday till the last day.

    He contributed so much to the Stem Cell field and he definitely deserves to win this year since he was not selected even when his work named “Top 10 breakthrough in medicine” by Discover and Times in 2013.

    One more question for you:
    Could you please tell me why Uyghur language version of “What are stem cells” I sent you multiple times were not included on your SCOPE page? I can send it to you if you please include it. Thanks.


    1. Hi Tursun,
      I appreciate that you did the translation. The challenge I’m facing is that the blog policy is not to post anything that I cannot independently confirm the content of. GoogleTranslator does do Uyghur so I’m left kind of stuck.
      Do you know of an online translator that would allow Uyghur to English?
      This issue has also come up with other languages where I couldn’t find a way to back translate to English myself.
      So it has nothing to do with you or with Uyghur and I’m confident that your translation contains no surprises or problems, but it is just more my blog policy requiring that last validation step by me for any language other than English.

  5. @YS,

    There are tools and metric devices that made it clear the votes I mentioned earlier were invalid and not just people’s computers feeding through one shared IP address. Many votes came from random IP addresses that weren’t real.

    I’m seeing mostly valid votes now so that’s good.

    Dr. Mitalipov is a great scientist doing wonderful, ground-breaking work. I’m glad to see so much enthusiasm for him including from China.


  6. Dr. Paul,

    Thank you for making this wonderful list and recognizing great stem cell biologist.
    Many of Dr.Shoukhrat Mitalipov’s supporters are from China. The possibility that they all use one proxy server is very high because they have to overcome the Great Firewall. That probably explains why all votes are from the same server. It will be unfortunate for Dr. Mitalipov if my assumption is true.
    Anyway, Dr.Mitalipov is great scientist and I’m voting for him.

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  8. Hello Admin,

    Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov has been removed from the voting options! Why was he removed despite having a large percentage of the votes? In addition to, he was listed as the leading candidate in the poll earlier today! This is outrageous and this problem should be solved immediately! Explain why he was removed as well!

    Furthermore, why did you delete my previous message? Is this an unfair website where I can not even voice my opinion?

    1. @Taxpulat
      Your previous comment was simply in moderation, not deleted.
      Comments on this blog are reviewed prior to posting.
      As to Dr. Mitalipov, he has received a large number of invalid votes. I removed his name while I am working on a solution to prevent these votes. His name is back on the poll as I consider possible solutions to invalid voting.
      I’d suggest that the supporters of Mitalipov strictly follow the rules.
      Only 1 vote per person is allowed per day.

  9. @ Bavdun – his supporters certainly know how leverage router networks – over 500 votes today all through one central server! That’s double the pseudo-votes for Loring and Lanza, who’s fans were also roasting the onion yesterday.

  10. I suggest : Prof Paul Knoepfler INCLUDING above LIST.
    Would you inform : the name in above list already SCREENED about involvement in support PREDATOR CLINIC ??????
    Thanks a lot .

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