TGIF science links: CRISPR, stem cells, caffeine, & more


I always like to do a bunch of science reading on the weekend when it’s quiet. Here are some TGIF science links to thought-provoking reading.CRISPR pigs






CRISPR stuff

Where in the world could the first CRISPR baby be born?

DIY CRISPR on the horizon soon?

CRISPR-y pigs to yield “bacon” of human organ transplants?

Stem Cells

Mini-kidney, nephron organoids from stem cells give hope

Still time to vote for the Stem Cell Person of the Year here.

German-US partnership on IPS cell including Jeanne Loring.

Sleepy stem cells are sad and bad for transplant?

Other interesting reads

DrugMonkey talks bad prof behavior

Want a downer? Check out the RetractionWatch leader board.

Cellebrate Cell Day in November.

Bees high on caffeine do what?


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