Follow up Gene Editing Meeting to be Held in Paris in April on Human CRISPR

DNA helix isolated
DNA helix isolated

Back in December, the US National Academies held a first of its kind meeting on human gene editing. Keeping the dialogue going, there is a follow up meeting planned for April 29 in Paris, France.

The Paris meeting is described this way:

“Upcoming Public Meeting in Paris
The consensus committee will host a public meeting in Paris on April 29 focusing on the principles underlying human gene editing governance and policy. This event will be held one day after a workshop on the current scientific activities and regulatory landscape for human gene editing in the European Union, organized by the Federation of European Academies of Medicine. Both meetings will be held at the French National Academy of Medicine. ‘Subscribe for Updates‘ to receive updates about the meeting agendas, speakers, and webcast availability.”

I hope this meeting has a diverse line up of speakers including many new voices there were not heard at the December meeting in DC. It’ll be interesting to see if the European voice is heard more  in Paris at the meeting, as generally in Europe there is much more skepticism about human genetic modification as reflected by various laws for instance.

Update: A somewhat bare bones draft agenda is available, but I’m hoping to get more on this soon and if I do I will post on it.

HT to @Alexis_Verger on this.