Where my garden is overrun with wacky leaffooted bugs

leaffooted bugsThe two main crops growing in my garden now are peas and fava beans. The former is in the last week or two as I overwintered them and got a ton of peas in February and first two weeks of this month.

Unfortunately, there are about 1,000 similar, wacky-looking bugs on my pea patch.

Leptoglossus clypealis
iPhone photo with macro lens

Helpful people on Twitter identified these are leaffooted bugs.

And sure enough, the back feet on these bugs look like leaves and weird reddish-orange eyes.

I don’t know if the leaf-like foot feature helps with camouflage.

More specifically these particular bugs are Leptoglossus clypealis.

These bugs are attacking the pea plants! Some of them were even having sex right on the pea pods, damn them.

I’m not a fan of insecticides so I’ll just have to live with them being around for a while even if they are annoying.

Fortunately as I said this crop is winding down any way. Apparently they do not like fava beans as there are zero of them over on those.

Then there are the more common stink bugs hanging around here or there as well (see below).

Happily there are tons of different kinds of bees in the garden right now too.

Stink bug