Weekend science reads: lab labor, pubs, CRISPR shrooms, money & more

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Here are some weekend science reads for you.

A new type of “magic” mushroom? MIT Tech Review on lack of oversight of new GMO foods coming to your plate.

DrugMonkey’s piece on lab labor and specifically whether undergrads “count” drew a lot of comments there. Of course they count in my view.

Leonid Schneider goes after the publisher Frontiers with Fear and Loathing at Frontiers.

How much does money influence us and does it make us selfish, asks Neuroskeptic.

Over at the IGI blog, Jacob Corn writes about CRISPR and thinking about threats.

STAT on rocketing suicide rates in the U.S. especially amongst white men and women.

RetractionWatch on Elisabeth Biks’ study of image manipulation finds a lot of trouble including with those damn bands on Western blots.

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