September 19, 2020

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Dang: ad for stem cell clinic @Sciam article on our paper on stem cell clinics

What a strange Internet world we live in these days, huh?

Leigh Turner and I just published a piece in Cell Stem Cell on the state of the US stem cell clinic market finding 570 clinics and this paper has drawn a lot of media attention including a piece in Scientific American (Sciam).

Stem cell clinic advertisement
Screenshot from Scientific American article on paper on stem cell clinics that has a stem cell clinic ad at right. Note that that ad is not part of the article, but is an actual ad.

I’m glancing over that Sciam article just now and BOOM I see an ad for a stem cell clinic appear at the top and it is even one of the ones in the database we created for our article. The ad is focused on selling stem cells to treat autism in children, an area that raises a lot of questions.

How can it be a good thing to have an ad for a stem cell clinic right next to the article about the challenge of stem cell clinics in America? The way the web works these days, perhaps it isn’t so surprising that articles having anything to do with stem cells will often be accompanied by ads for stem cell clinics. This one just really stuck out to me today because of the context.

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